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About us

Ramot is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO Number 011 891) established in 1964, to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to individuals and families who are affected by drug and alcohol addiction. The centre currently has 42 beds with separate facilities for male and female patients. Ramot follows a multi-disciplinary drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment programme, which is based on scientific research and implemented by specialist personnel trained in their respective fields. Our treatment programme is covered by medical aids and we are currently a preferred service provider for Medscheme & Discovery Health.
We treat patients in the following categories (subject to certain criteria):
  • Private Patients
  • Medical Aid Patients
Our expertise comes from more than forty years of experience treating alcohol and drug addiction. Our patients are in good hands and surrounded by people who care. Our staff members feel they are called to profession; no one views it as just a job. We make provision for people of all races, genders and religions.

More about the programme

Ramot offers every person who visits us a second chance at life. We believe that no situation is without hope and that transformation is possible. We, however, cannot make decisions for our patients and that is why we create a therapeutic environment in which people can change if they are willing to change. If patients have the need, Ramot also offers them the opportunity to repair their relationship with God.
The purpose of our programme is to help our patients to be able to meet life’s responsibilities and the challenges it presents. This includes the build up of self esteem and self worth. We take the patient through a five week therapeutic process.
The process starts with medical treatment by qualified and trained medical personnel in order to deal with the physical withdrawal symptoms associated with detoxification. At the same time we build up the body with the necessary vitamins and balanced meals under the guidance of a dietician. This lasts for about five days. The next 4 weeks are taken up by the rest of the programme and involves various disciplines such as psychological counselling, creativity sessions and spiritual counselling.
The treatments happen in both individual and group contexts. Each patient is assigned a personal psychologist for the duration of their stay. Information on addiction is communicated through the use of media and special attention is given to healing on psychological, physical and spiritual levels. We also teach our patients the value of including recreational activities in their lives in order to demolish boredom and to fill the gap previously filled by addictive substances.
The establishment and maintenance of the therapeutic atmosphere is very important to us and no one has to fear rejection. The interaction between patients allows them to identify with each other. Family members and employers are, in collaboration with the patient, involved to handle any interpersonal matters. A comprehensive aftercare programme is followed and patients leaving the facility are encouraged to attend meetings on Thursday evenings.

Services we offer

  • Psychological Services
  • Medical Treatment
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Dietary Services
  • Creativity
  • Biokinetics
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